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  • 18th July
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What did we feel about our recent visit to “Bharath Annai Illam”

I asked Team MCW India how did they feel about their visit..  Here goes…

"Last Saturday we went to a wonderful place called "Bharath Annai Illam". we helped & made the children’s to play, dance, etc…. I will never forget this children’s, this place in my life…."

"It was my long time dream to help the needy. It came true by our company. The kids were been a very big inspiration for us. Very happy to be part of their dream."

"Nothing is impossible"

"I feel proud to be a part of "Mudiyum" and this is the first step for us to create smiles and satisfaction for the kids whom I met. Let us help further to fulfill their dreams..and a lot more should be done from our side(Mudiyum) in coming days!"

"When-ever I go for any cause..I’ll recall my words "There are things to do a thing". At the Orphanage, on seeing the kids I felt the expectations, vision in their eyes. I had some conversations with few kids over there.
The little girl Revathi M., admired me with her innocence, her silence, the way she speaks.

I feel embarrassed when I stood in their place of being one of’s pained more. I pacified myself as I am holding hands for them from “Mudiyum” cause.

Though I am not a spiritual person but I am with more eager of ‘being human’ saying “All for peace; Peace for all..! “

"I realy very happy to introduced such a wonderful place to MyCityWay. First I thought we are going to give some donation amount and sweets etc to those children’s, but after I knew we are accept to construct a room for them, I am so happy about this."

"I am really Happy for being a part of Mudiyum. We Planned to Help Those Children and People , and its executed Through MyCityWay Mudiyum.Thanks to MyCityWay for giving such an opportunity, and Loved to do More and More….."

"Enjoy visit the wonderful Bharath Annai Illam Orphanage, the smiles that make us smile back and enjoy an experience. I really hope I have the opportunity to return sometime soon!"

"On that last Saturday really i enjoyed with the peoples and children’s in "Barath Annai Illam.

Really i saw a them happiness in those faces and make me too happy with us.

Thanks to “Mudiyum”(MyCityWay) to make the opportunity to me…”

"Our values, aren’t about pointing fingers. They are about offering something to those Little Angels". Mudiyum Did it…"

"Service to Humanity is service to God" There is no better way to serve God other than this. I could feel the smile of god on Saturday."

"One of my long term wish was came true on last Saturday. Really it was so amazing and emotion filled moments. When i talked with each and every kids i comes to know that they were simply awesome kids .. they have their goal, love , passion and very sad background . I must do something for them… and hope will do it for sure at least two of the Kids named Anjali and Thulasi raja…"

"last Saturday, I Never Forget in my life, i learned lot from there." Awesome. "MUDIYUM" We Can."

"Had a great day in Bharath illam. We made unforgettable day with them. Till this day, i had no opportunity to help children. Through MCW i did it, and will be continuing."

"i am really proud to a part of "Mudiyum". This is my first ever experience and I enjoyed lot with the children

I felt very happy on spending time there and at the end filled with tears when they said thanks altogether !!!!
Thanks a lot to MyCityWay and feel very proud and happy for being a part of “MUDIYUM”. Wish to continue this good work continuously …”

"16-07-2011 important day in my life i am really impressed. Thanks to rajesh,Vivin give the opportunity to go that place. We need to collect lot of funds to improve that children’s carrier."

"I love to be a part of such an association. So many people have a thought to help others but this doesn’t get nourished always and so they go by the way their life directs them. I was one among such kind but after becoming a part of this association, I explored myself in it. Nothing lies beyond the extent of our hand.
-Proud to be a member of Mudiyum !!!!..”

"Really happy to be a part of mudiyum … What i saw there was: children with big dreams.. Only the education can make their dreams come true .. So let us help them and i feel this is the greatest blessing for us …"

"Last Saturday one of unforgettable day in my life, I saw very good talent and energetic boosters (Kids).All are Very awesome."

"Last Saturday, wonderful day in my life, same time lot of thing learn from child, Thanks to MCW , I am very proud to one of the family member in MCW, Thanks Boss"

"First My Great Thanks to My Bosses and MD and Vice-Presidents to make this opportunity to us…

First we want to great clap for that children’s because now itself they have dream & aim to become a Doctor, Engineer, IPS, IAS, Military Force, etc„,

Really on that day, we saw the lot of Happiness from those children’s Face. First they started to play with us after that they became our Friends with us. The Great Highlight is a boy play chess with me and win the game.

The Few childres name i never forget them called Anjali, Thulasi, Vijayakanth, Dhanasekar„, Hearty Thanks to Everyone to make this Event sucessfully and make happily.

Actually this is not a social service; this is a Duty to remind our few relations in the Earth we are missing like this.

So, please help to save our Relations….

Mudiyum - Elloralum Help Panna Mudiyum.


"Last Saturday was the day i realized humanity still exists. There are many hearts to help but don’t know how.

For this event Myself and anand invited a friend of ours who works in other Company was much interested and he plans to organize his colleagues and sponsor what they could for every month to ‘Bharath annai illam’. I did not expect such mannered kids to be in a place like that. They thanked each and every time they get something.

The kids had quite big ambitions of becoming IAS,IPS and Army which is to be respected. On the whole I am proud of our company to take this initiative.”

"Really heart touching moment", Need to give maximum support to them…."

"Proud to be a part in mudiyum to help others"